As part of our ongoing professional development initiatives, the IABC EMENA Region board hosts a series of fascinating webinars. These are free for both our members and non-members. Just click the links below and register to access a recording. The webinars are generally about an hour long.


Aligning people with purpose

From elevator pitch to attention switch: 5 unexpected methods for becoming an authority in your field

Hosted by Itzik Amiel

18 June 2018

• Becoming the sought-after expert your clients will want to work with and be willing to pay a premium to do so

• Becoming unique to your clients & standing out in the sea of competitors

• Discover what it takes to become an authority in your field & build a step-by-step plan to get there. 

How to win a Gold Quill award

Align your teams and improve business results

Hosted by Lindsay Uittenbogaard

22 May 2018

• Latest research on team alignment and how it improves team performance 

• Improving Team Alignment within your organization 

• Track the journey to team alignment with the Mirror Mirror process


Aligning people with purpose

Hosted by Mike Pounsford

17 January 2018

• Understanding why purpose is important to provide a sense of meaning for work and a strategic perspective
• Exploring the role of leadership groups at different levels and why their ownership of the purpose conversation is still critical
• Exploring different approaches to how purpose can be developed; who to involve and how to involve them in the process
• Exploration of one approach to help leaders increase “line of sight” – linking strategic goals and individual roles

Is your strategy stuck in the 20th century?

Hosted by Maya Townsend and Martha Miser

19 December 2017

• What the shift to a deeply interconnected, digitally ubiquitous, global world means for organizations and individuals.
• The five shifts of thinking you’ll need to succeed in strategy and communications in the 21st Century.
• The practical implications of the five shifts to your practice.


How to win a Gold Quill award

Hosted by Vija Valentukonyte

21 November 2017

What it takes to make your Gold Quill entry a winning one

Identifying influencers in organisations

Hosted by Michale Nord and Mike Klein

31 October 2017

• Why shift towards influencers and away from all-employee comms for key initiatives and agenda items
• Which identification methods are available
• The difference between “influencers” and “ambassadors”


The art of “PR” in business in the UAE

Hosted by Louise Jacobson and Maysoun Ramadan

7 June 2017

• the main characteristics of a successful PR professional
• the magic formula (O & E) and the value of strategic communication in PR
• what to consider before you integrate technology in your framework
• how the UAE can shape your learning and experience in PR

What does storytelling mean for my business?

Hosted by Steve Rawling

19 April 2017

• How fictional story arcs can help craft two types of business message: foundation stories and brand stories
• Practical ways to explore different elements of your business story and find the ones that work for different audiences


An AVID model for good internal communication practice

Hosted by Dr Kevin Ruck

21 February 2017

• How to integrate the four AVID principles
• Which channels employees often find most helpful
• How to use a simple ICQ10 questionnaire to assess good practice

What happens in the textbook stays in the textbook

Hosted by Neil Griffiths

16 January 2017

• Thriving as a communicator when no one wants communication ‘by the book’
• The benefits of a relentless focus on audience-based, outcome-focused communication.
• The right questions to ask and the elements to focus on to make sure you can build a communication plan (even if you never show it to anyone)
• The communication process ‘revelation’ (including two tried-and-tested templates for participants to take away)


Multilingualism: A key skill enabling successful international communication

Hosted by Michael Nord and Claudia Vaccarone

15 December 2016

• Language and cultural sensitivity enable conversations
• Being multilingual helps you see through the layers of cultural nuances and build bridges to professionals around the world
• Working in a different language than your mother tongue enables you to see things from a different perspective

Effective crisis communication techniques to avoid a reputation train wreck

Hosted by Caroline Sapriel

20 October 2016

• Gain some fundamental best practice insight on how prepare for crises and prevent a reputation train wreck
• Learn real-world response strategies to protect your credibility and retain stakeholder trust even in the most adverse situations