As a communicator, creating a positive working environment where every individual can reach their full potential means truly taking an interest in and valuing individuals from all walks of life, whatever their age, race, or gender. IABC is proud to be an international organisation that champions diversity and inclusion at every turn, and IABC EMENA is proud to represent the diversity of this international arm of IABC.

Below is a compilation of papers, podcasts, videos and more devoted to greater understanding on this important topic.

Gender & Inclusion

The world has become both increasingly connected and separated as a result of COVID-19. While many have said it has been a great leveller, with everyone taking similar precautions to stop the virus from spreading, inclusion is still a valuable topic to address. Listen to an expert line-up of panellists discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in one of IABC EMENA’s recent Webinars. Facilitated by IABC EMENA Board Member Gloria Walker, the discussion builds on a recently released Women in PR ebook with numerous IABC insights and contributions, which you can find here (PDF).

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The Communicator’s Role in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Join IABC Fellow Neil Griffiths and Tasneem Chopra, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategist in this webinar where they discuss what communications professionals can do to encourage and improve their companies diversity and inclusion.

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Read this article by IABC International discussing why diversity, equity and inclusion goes beyond just gender and ethnicity. It must include every individual’s unique differences because ‘magic happens when employees are empowered to bring their whole selves to work’.

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As diversity and inclusion are becoming central components to every company, it is important to maintain an authentic voice in doing so. Join four IABC Fellows in a conversation about how best to promote diversity and inclusion, without resorting to stereotypical language or visual representation.

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Read this interview between Pooja Kamat and Simon Monger celebrating LGBTQ history month. In it, they discuss equal opportunities for LGBTQ communications professionals, inclusivity overall in the industry, and how diversity and inclusion are much more than just buzzwords.

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