Watch the video to find out why professional communicators from around the world have joined IABC and why they value their membership.

Whether you’re a corporate communicator, independent consultant, academic or student, IABC has the resources, connections and learning opportunities you need to move your career forward. We give you the ability to connect to a global communication network, stay informed about emerging trends and best practices, learn from top experts, gain recognition for your outstanding work and join a community of communication professionals around the world who are striving to be the best in the profession.

IABC will help you:
- Learn, grow and stay informed
- Build and accelerate your career
- Connect with like-minded professionals

Here’s how you benefit ...

Make a bigger impact in your job

Tap into hundreds of case studies, CW magazine articles and curated industry news that share the experience of your peers for new ideas, fresh insights and problem-solving assistance.

Find the hidden job market

Looking for the next step in your career? Networking with other communication professionals in IABC can help you uncover the hidden job market. Post your résumé and view targeted job listings at the Jobs Centre.

Enhance your skills

IABC offers professional development conferences, a three-day World Conference and online classes through the year. Our library of webinars to help sharpen your skills in social media, business writing and change management is exclusively available to members.

Find clients, find friends

If you’re a freelancer, IABC is a great place to find potential clients. And if you’re looking to expand your social network, there’s no better place than an IABC chapter.