IABC awards several international acknowledgements: the Gold Quill Award, international award for excellence in communication expertise and professionalism, Excell Award, international award for excellent communication managers, Chapter Management Awards, award for quality chapter management and other leadership functions in IABC chapter operations, Fellow Awards, the highest IABC recognition for contribution to IABC operations and professional development, IABC EMEA Leader of the Year, regional award for achievements in chapter leadership and development of good communication practice in the region and others.

The prestigious Gold Quill Award for assessing quality of communication practices is of particular importance to the Slovenian chapter. Slovenian members have had exceptional success since 1993 and are amongst the most successful countries in Europe. From 1993 to 2017, we have been awarded 102 Gold Quill Awards on the global scale and 50 on the European. IABC members and students (at a reduced application fee) and non-IABC members can participate.

Slovenians can also boast one Excell Award, a few Chapter Management Awards, amongst which the Outstanding IABC Small Chapter award is the most prestige, for the 1997/1998 mandate and one IABC EMEA Leader of the Year award.

View a list of all the awards won to date, or click on each of the links below to see the annual lists of all the global and regional awards our chapter and its members have won over the years.


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