For 45 years, IABC has set the standard of global excellence for professional communicators—as well as helping forge invaluable business connections and lifelong friendships.

Setting a standard of excellence since 1970, the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is a vibrant global membership association with a network of 10,000 members in more than 80 countries, representing many of the Global Fortune 500 companies.

A broadly diverse community of communication professionals, IABC connects members to ideas, job opportunities, and people, through professional learning and a generous culture of sharing.

We believe that in today’s world, communication can be a force for good in business and society. We connect members and business people together for this purpose. With thousands of members worldwide, representing diverse industries, sectors and disciplines, this is a community alive with knowledge, experience, ideas and support; all of which are freely exchanged.

Our shared values
IABC’s shared values, created as a result of the brand taskforce’s research, define what makes our association unique, and also allow us to build on these strengths.

  • We represent the global profession: As the only global communication association, we strive to advocate for the profession, represent best practices, define the global standard, and live by a code of ethics.
  • We create connection: We connect business and communication and connect people with communication. We foster community, build special relationships and learn from each other.
  • We are a diverse community: We welcome diverse communication professionals of all levels and practices. We embrace diverse viewpoints, encourage conversation and celebrate cultural differences.
  • We focus on insights and results: We position communication as a strategic function that has impact on return-on-investment and demonstrate the business value of communication.

Who we are
Our members hold positions in a variety of communication disciplines, including:

  • Public relations
  • Media relations
  • Corporate communication
  • Employee communication
  • Human resources
  • Graphic design
  • Public affairs
  • Editing
  • Investor relations
  • Leadership coaching
  • Government relations
  • Photography/Video production
  • Marketing communication
  • Community relations
  • Social responsibility
  • Writing


Our aim as an association
The International Association of Business Communicators (IABC) is a learning community of professionals committed to improving organisational effectiveness through strategic communication. We are dedicated to advancing the communication profession and organisational communication internationally. IABC supports learning through chapter, regional and international programmes and enables a global network of communicators working in diverse industries and disciplines to identify, share and apply the world’s best communication practices.

Directed by leadership
The International Executive Board (IEB) is the governing body of IABC. It is accountable to the members and has supervision, control and direction of the affairs of the association. It actively pursues the association’s mission, determines its policy within the limits of the law, Bylaws, and Articles of Incorporation. It upholds the IABC Code of Ethics for Professional Communicators and supervises disbursement of the association’s funds. The IEB develops the strategic plan and direction for the association under the guidance of the association Bylaws approved by the IABC membership.

The heart of our service
At the heart of service to IABC members is a network of committees, with participation by members on a voluntary basis. IABC committees provide strategic direction for the work of the association, including six standing committees established in association’s Bylaws.

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The IABC often partners with organisations in events, content and network who share common goals, ethics, standards, and add value to the communication profession as a whole – no matter what the discipline. For example, in the UK we partner with The Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR), a professional body for public relations practitioners.