FutureFit Podcasts: Futurist Matt O’Neill on “Computerisation and the Humanisation model”

In its fourth annual edition which will be held on the afternoon of the 14th May in the central London offices of Instinctif Partners, IABC UK’s Future Fit Communications 2018 will focus on the impact and implications for people of rapidly evolving technologies and organisation.

Today we’re joined by Futurist Matt O’Neill, who shares his views on technology and what advances in concepts such as artificial intelligence mean for the communications function as well as for the organizations of tomorrow.

Matt will be at Future Fit Communications 2018 and talking about Computerisation and the Humanisation model. Enjoy the podcast, and if you want to know more Matt and his work, check out his website at www.futuristmatt.com. For more information about Future Fit Communications, click here.

We hope you’ll join us, Matt and the other speakers on the 14th of May at Future Fit Communications 2018.