December 2020 Podcast with Naomi Jones and Michael Nord

Leadership, your New Year’s resolution! Enjoy this podcast with Naomi Jones and Michael Nord filled with great tips and relevant insights. 

This podcast is part of EMENA’s ongoing series of virtual professional development and content for leaders and professional communicators at every level.

Michael Nord is a senior communications and transformation professional with more than 25 years of experience. He is also a trained facilitator and experienced in learning and development, knowledge management, public relations, and management of large and small events, on a local and international level. He has held key positions in IABC, on chapter, regional and global level, and has spoken at many events.

Naomi Jones is the Communications Director, SUEZ recycling and recovery UK. As Communications Director for SUEZ, Naomi has responsibility for both the communications and marketing teams for the UK and Sweden. From starting her career in agency life working in public affairs, she became a specialist in sustainability communications, crisis management and corporate communications, with experience spanning industries from retail to banking. In 2009, she became SUEZ group’s youngest-ever head of department, aged 28.