Digital communication with Steph Pilon, Phil Riggins and Monique Zytnik

Bold new frontiers for communication or digital hype?

Our panel discussion brings to the fore what many of us have been thinking. With so much noise and so little time, what do we really need to know right now in our digital realm?

Is social media done? Is AI friend or foe? What is the real tech baseline minus the fanfare for comms?

Through an engaging expert panel session hosted by IABC EMENA’s region, we’ll unpack these questions, help you make sense of the present, and give you confidence stepping into the future of our communication profession.

Catalina Gardescu: Incoming Director of Marketing, Communication and Admissions, Copenhagen International School
Stephanie Pilon: Vice President Digital Marketing & Managing Director, The Adecco Group
Phil Riggins: Founder and CEO, The Brand & Reputation Collective
Monique Zytnik: Regional Lead DACH, Open Communication Group

This event was part of the IABC EMENA Region’s successful City Connect Series, following events in Barcelona, London, Amsterdam , Krakow and Lisbon. Learn more about IABC EMENA: