October 2023

Dear IABC EMENA Region Members

I hope you are well. I’m pleased to share the latest updates from the IABC EMENA Region. 

Earlier this month we thanked and bid farewell to our wonderful volunteer leader Catalina Gardescu, who has decided to move on from the IABC EMENA Region Board. Over the past few years, Catalina has been instrumental in shaping our region during her tenures as Board Director, Vice Chair and her last position as Chair. 

I would like to personally express my gratitude to Catalina for her dedicated service over the years as a volunteer leader. Catalina remains within the IABC EMENA community and will no doubt be a familiar face at our upcoming events. 
For the remainder of the 23/24 term, I’ll be returning to the role of Chair, working closely with current Vice Chair Monique Zytnik, who continues to do brilliant things in her role.

Michael Nord, SCMP, is stepping into the role of Past Chair. Michael needs no introduction, having previously contributed significantly to our association’s growth and success over the years. We greatly appreciate your continued support Michael.

As an IABC EMENA Region Board, we’re full steam ahead with an exciting program of events for our members including City Connect events in Paris on 7 November and Cairo on 27 November.

We’re incredibly excited to have these events driven by members in each city. If the idea of hosting an IABC EMENA City Connect event in your city appeals to you, then please complete our online City Connect request form

As always, feel free to get in touch anytime if you have any questions about IABC EMENA – who we are, what we do, or how you can get involved.