December 2023

Dear IABC EMENA Region Members

I hope you are well. I’m pleased to share the latest updates from the IABC EMENA Region, which include highlights from our recent City Connect events in Paris and Cairo as well as a catch-up in London.

These events and gatherings highlight the power in community and connection to inspire, develop and grow ourselves as communications professionals. As a region board, we’re committed to keep providing these opportunities to our members.

In turn, we’ve been busy working on our 2024 program of activity – and I promise you it’s going to be an exciting year ahead with both in-person and online events.

Our first Online Connect Webinar is set for January 2024 on the topic of measurement led by Sally Jackson and Mike Klein MBA, SCMP, CIIC, and hosted by Region Board Member Michael Nord, SCMP®, MBA. More details to come.

We take this opportunity to wish all members a happy and healthy festive season and we look forward to seeing you in 2024.