Podcasting For PR

Podcasting can be for fun or for professional public relations. Listen here to find out why.

In IABC EMENA’s latest poscast, listen to Dr. Ana Adi, Regina Koerner, and Monique Zytnik delve into the how, the why and everything else in between to get you started on podcasting for public relations.

It is an audio extract from a webinar held by Quadriga University in Germany for the Kommunikations Kongress Academy on 13 July 2021, titled Podcast in der Unternehmenskommunikation. The webinar was hosted by Prof. Dr. Ana Adi with Regina Koerner and Monique Zytnik as guests.

We would like to thank Quadriga University for letting us share this content with our listeners.

To listen, please follow THIS link.

Prof. Dr. Ana Adi is a Professor for PR and Corporate Communications at Quadriga University in Berlin. Prof Dr Adi obtained her PhD from the University of the West of Scotland, UK having investigated from a framing perspective the discourses about China, the Olympics and human rights during the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games of activist groups, Olympic organizers, international media and online public. Prior to her post at Quadriga University of Applied Sciences, Dr Adi has worked, lived and studied in the USA (with a Fulbright scholarship), Belgium, Bahrain, Thailand and the UK (and traveled far beyond). She is the Chair of the Digital Communication Awards in Berlin since 2015 and a member of the Institute for Public Relations Measurement Commission since 2018.

Regina Koerner is the CEO of professional-podcast.com. Since 2019 she has been an enthusiastic and award-winning podcasts producer with focus on strategy consulting, content creation and production for tier one podcast clients such as Handelsblatt, EY, HVB, BCG, iq digital – and Quadriga’s “Women in PR” with Ana Adi. Previously global leadership positions in corporate communications, transformation and PR at e.g. Roland Berger, Kearney, Bertelsmann Foundation and NGOs like FairTrade International. Many years of journalistic experience as executive editor, assignment editor and correspondent at RTL, Voice of Germany and American broadcasters in the US.

Monique Zytnik is the Global Employee Communications Subject Matter Expert for Open Communications. She has worked internationally for organisations as diverse as Special Broadcasting Services Australia, ANZ Bank, adjust.com and the Australian Taxation Office. She is also a the current Vice Chair of the International Association of Business Communicators EMENA Region, and business mentor at the Mentoring Club.