Seachange, psychological safety and hybrid work with Mike Pounsford and Morten Dal

Morten Dal from Microsoft and Mike Pounsford from Couravel delve into all those tricky life questions that are pertinent right now. Are we finding balance in the current environment? Are we biased towards too much digital? How do we create psychological safety? What do employees want right now?

With employees being more productive than ever, rapidly changing environments, uncertainty AND the need for difficult conversations, who better than Morten and Mike?

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Morten Dal is a global award-winning corporate communications manager and certified Train-The-Trainer PROSCI®️ change manager, and since 2019 working as Senior Customer Success Manager with Microsoft, offering more than 15 years of corporate experience from the customer side (retail, financial sector, foods & beverages).

Focus on hybrid work and digital employee experience
Building great employee experience: Culture & Communication, Productivity & Wellbeing, Skilling & Growth and Knowledge & Expertise. Morten is guiding and helping to empower enterprises and employees to work in a hybrid work scenario during and beyond Covid-19. Orchestrating large onboarding & training programs in large organisations, handling the people side of change.

His employers include: Microsoft, Pandora, Danske Bank, Danisco (DuPont), Copenhagen Business School.

Mike is an organisation development specialist in employee communication and engagement. His work involves helping to develop engagement strategies, strengthening the links between what people do and business strategy, and developing the capabilities of leaders and managers to create engaging environments. He is particularly interested in how organisations listen effectively and run surveys, webinars, and workshops for individuals and organisations across the globe.

He founded Couravel in 2001 and works with associates so he can provide clients with a lot of experience but without the overheads that go with more traditional consulting models. He has an MBA from London Business School and is accredited under the NTL Organisation Development programme. He recently completed a term as UK President of the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).

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