Localising global communication with Ray Walsh and Cecilia Maldonado

Do you need to communicate across borders, languages and cultures?

Join Ray Walsh and Cecilia Maldonado as Monique, Ray and Cecilia talk about localising global communication. This episode of the IABC EMENA podcast covers when you should translate, how you should set up your content team and if culture nuances really do matter. Listen HERE.

About Ray Walsh:
Ray is the author of “Localizing Employee Communications: A Handbook” (2020, XML Press/Content Wrangler)
Preview on Amazon: amzn.to/30NB0kK

He is specialised in content creation, audience awareness, localization, simplified English, training, and presentation support. As a former journalist and English language teacher, Ray helps organisations shape and execute communications that cross borders and have impact.

About Cecilia Maldonado:
Cecilia has a degree in translation from the National University of Cordoba, and over 20-years of experience in the industry including co-founding, managing and merging language service companies, co-founding the first language industry association in Argentina, volunteering with different international organizations, as well as organizing events such as the Language & Technology Conference, Think Latin America, and the Vendor Management Seminar in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Brazil, Ireland, Peru and the United States. She is the President of Women in Localization, a non-profit organization that works for the advancement of women and the localization industry.

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