September 2022

Dear IABC EMENA Region Members

I’m a firm believer that one of the paths to happiness is always having something to look forward to.

Whether it’s planning a holiday, registering for a conference, or even opening the first page of a book, I love the anticipation of having something new to enjoy, learn and experience. 

So when the IABC EMENA Region board got together earlier this month, the focus was on coming up with an exciting program of activity for our members – something for us all to look forward to!

One of these things is an IABC EMENA City Connect Series in the region – in-person gatherings of members and friends for networking and drinks with the aim for us to reconnect after so much time apart.

The first of these was held in early September in Barcelona with the second planned for November – more details and city location to be shared soon on our social channels. 

Here’s to looking forward!

Karen Matthews
2022-23 IABC EMENA Region Chair
[email protected]